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Ballarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club Inc

Ballarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club Inc

Ballarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club Inc

Club information
Name: Ballarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club Inc
State: Victoria
  • Description

    We usually ride on the 4th Sunday of every month. We do try and cater for everyone so will offer a mid-week ride, usually on a Wednesday for those who can make it along.

    We would describe our group as fairly easy going, and we try and cater for riders who are maybe coming back to riding, or are building skills and confidence, or maybe working with a green or inexperienced horse.  We try to offer a range of rides to sustain members’ interest, including varying the length, speed and topography.  Most of our rides are conducted within a 1 hour radius of the Ballarat district, but we travel further afield when the opportunity arises.

    As our name implies, we’re a social club and welcome members from other clubs to join us. Also, we partner with other clubs to join their rides and in our first 12 months have participated in day, overnight and weekend rides. Our club meetings are held every 2 months, usually preceded by a meal out at a local pub.  It is this social aspect of our club that make it a fun club to belong to, and we take this congenial atmosphere out on the trails with us. There is always some good-natured banter along the way. Within our club we have a broad range of skills and abilities, older and younger riders and steeds of all shapes and sizes.  We even welcome members who join us with harness horses and vehicles, where the terrain is suitable. 

    We have a Facebook page and we are working on building our ride calendar and we eagerly respond to requests for new rides and locations. 

  • History

    Our club has its genesis in a Facebook Page which was established in 2015, “Ballarat Mid-Week Riders”, aiming for the cohort of riders who have some time available during the week, but perhaps are busy on weekends. We’re talking for example, mums with kids at school, shift workers, home workers and anyone who can fit in a ride during the week.  The benefits of being an ATHRA affiliated club became apparent as more people joined the Facebook page and wanted to participate in rides.  Thus, Alan Salter, our President, took the initiative to convene a meeting of interested people in October 2015 and our club was born.  At our first meeting, we had 10 members sign up and as at December 2016 we are up to 65 members.   In our first 12 months we were fortunate to secure some funding to equip our club with first aid and recovery kits, radios and vests for Trail Boss’s and ride stewards.  We now have 15 members accredited as trail bosses and 1 as a Ride Coordinator and will hopefully have more members accredited in the near future. We’re on our way and look forward to continued growth.

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  • Club Admin
    Ballarat Social Trail Horse Riders Club Inc
  • Current Executives

    President/Secretary: Alan Salter

    Vice President: Ron Eddy

    Treasurer: Natalie (Bevvy) Scholten

    Newsletter Editor: Ian Knox

    Membership Registrar: Lloyd Fletcher

  • Contact Details

    President/SecretaryAlan Salter

    Mob: 0427 357 941
    Email: alg_salter@bigpond.com

    Vice President: Ron Eddy
    Mob: 0419 563 106
    Email: lois4ron@gmail.com

    Treasurer: Natalie (Bevvy) Scholten
    Mob: 0407 022 953


    Newsletter Editor: Ian Knox
    Mob: 0409 978 444

    Email: ozrural@gmail.com 

    Membership Contact: Lloyd Fletcher
    Mob: 0400 668 020
    Email: lcfletch@bigpond.net.au

    Club Address: Membership Enquires to, 3 Kevin Court, Melton South, VIC, 3338