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pdf IMS-F-037 Biosecurity Horse Health Declaration V20160321 Popular

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IMS-F-037 Biosecurity Horse Health Declaration V20160321.pdf

This horse health declaration form maybe required when attending horse events at showgrounds and arenas. The form is usually collected at the entry to grounds by a security officer or grounds caretaker. It is recommended that horse owners contact grounds before entry to see if a HHD is required.

pdf IMS-GU-033 Horse Biosecurity V20140321 Popular

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IMS-GU-033 Horse Biosecurity V20140321.pdf

This document is an awareness level guide to preparing you and your club for emergency disease outbreak.

pdf IMS-P-009 Horse Biosecurity V20140329 Popular

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IMS-P-009 Horse Biosecurity V20140329.pdf

ATHRA's Policy statement covering: the responsible parties, risk mitigation planning, horse vaccination and communication.