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IMS-F-006 Risk Warning and Waiver V20150212

Risk warning and waiver form to be signed by: all new members joining or renewing their club membership; and all Ride Visitors prior to participating in an ATHRA sanctioned ride or event
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IMS-F-012 Incident Report V20151015

Form to be completed by the Trail Boss and/or Ride Coordinator in the event of a reportable incident
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IMS-F-028 Parental Consent and Indemnity V20130612

Parental Consent and Indemnity form to be signed by parents and guardians of members under 18 years of age at the time of joining or renewing their club membership; and parents and guardians of Ride Visitors under the age of 18 years prior to participating in an ATHRA sanctioned ride or event.

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IMS-FAQ-002 Frequently Asked Insurance Questions V20151001

Answers to frequently asked questions about ATHRA's member insurance policies - who is covered, what they are covered for, and the circumstances necessary for coverage.
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IMS-GU-003 Insurance Summary V20170101

Summary of ATHRA's member insurance policies and benefits for 2017.
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IMS-GU-014 Insurance Claim Procedure V20130605

Flow chart depicting the procedure for reporting a serious incident and initiating a claim on ATHRA's member insurance policy

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IMS-GU-016 Risk Management Plan V20140203

This document describes ATHRA's risk management process (identification, priortising and treatment), and our risk management plan for minimising the risks associated with horse riding.

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IMS-GU-017 Insurance Waiver Kit V20140203

Explains the reasons for the Risk Warning and Waiver form and the Parental Consent and Indemnity form, how to fill them in, and the Risk Warning signage required at sanctioned events and activities.