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IMS-F-021 Accreditation Course Participant Application V20131123

Application form for ATHRA members wanting to attend an Accredtation course

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IMS-GU-010 Hosting an Accreditation Course V20140411

A guide to clubs for hosting an ATHRA Accreditation course, including who should participate, host club obligations and the requirements for a suitable venue
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IMS-GU-012 Renewal of Member Accreditation Certification V20130202

A guide to clubs for renewing a member's Accreditation certification, including the conditions for renewal, application process, and the role of the Accreditation Renewal Manager

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IMS-GU-019 Horse and Rider Education V20140203

This Guideline document provides recommendations to ATHRA clubs seeking to conduct horse and rider education sessions for their members.

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IMS-GU-041 Accreditation Course Outline V20160101

Important information for accreditation course participants.
This document outlines how the weekend will progress with an example timetable.
The document also provides course outcome expectations, such as riding ability.
There is also important information on setting up the classroom and payment for the course.
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IMS-GU-050 ATHRA Accreditation Course Process Flow V20161126

Guideline - ATHRA Accreditation Course Process Flow