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document IMS-F-004 Yearly Event Summary V20190127 Popular

Download (doc, 128 KB)

IMS-F-004 Yearly Event Summary V20190127.doc

It is recommended that clubs add details to this form on a regular basis throughout the year to collate information regarding their club rides and events. The information can then be used at the end of the year as an aid for completing the Annual Club Report.

document IMS-F-008 - Ride Visitor (Prospective Member) Popular

Download (doc, 140 KB)

IMS-F-008 Ride Visitor V20210429.doc

In accordance with Rule 9 of the ATHRA Code of Conduct, each visitor must provide details for this form, and sign a Risk Warning & Liability Waiver form(and provide a signed Parental Consent & Indemnity form if under 18) and the Ride Attendance Register prior to participation in a ride or event.  The current fee per visitor per day must be paid and forwarded to ATHRA.  The club may charge a fee over and above the ATHRA fee.  Visitors are entitled to no more than two Day Rides per year with ATHRA clubs before they are required to apply for full membership.

document IMS-F-009 Ride Attendance Register V20190203 New Popular

Download (doc, 208 KB)

IMS-F-009 Ride Attendance Register V20190203.doc

This form is required to be completed by riders at each club ride. We have also included a space for each riders Property Identification Code (PIC). This code helps state authorities trace livestock movement in cases of bio-security concerns.

document IMS-F-010 Pre Ride - Event Check List V20190629 Popular

Download (doc, 274 KB)

IMS-F-010 Pre Ride - Event Check List V20190629.doc

This form is a quick checklist to ensure that all risk management protocols have been considered.

document IMS-F-011 Post Ride Summary V20190629 Popular

Download (doc, 270 KB)

IMS-F-011 Post Ride Summary V20190629.doc

This form is a summary of the event conditions of the day and records numbers and any incidents which may have occurred. 

document IMS-F-042 Multiple Day Ride Attendance Register V20190629 Popular

Download (doc, 270 KB)

IMS-F-042 Multiple Day Ride Attendance Register V20190629.doc

This form assists with multiple day ride records.

pdf IMS-GU-020 Trail Ride Organisation Plan V20220126 New Popular

Download (pdf, 234 KB)

IMS-GU-020 Trail Ride Organisation Plan V20220126.pdf

A guide to assist clubs to plan, prepare for and conduct trail rides

pdf IMS-GU-032 Ride Notices V20190629 Popular

Download (pdf, 218 KB)

IMS-GU-032 Ride Notices V20190629.pdf

ATHRA recommends that inclusion of the information in this document should be considered for Ride Notices advising members of upcoming rides

pdf IMS-GU-047 ATHRA Website Feature Ride Requirements V20190629 Popular

Download (pdf, 193 KB)

IMS-GU-047 ATHRA Feature Ride Requirements V20190629.pdf

This document gives clubs guidelines on what is required by ATHRA to have a ride featured on the website home page.

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