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Ride Report - Yinnar South Pony Club Grounds - 12th April 2015

Ride Report

Yinnar South Pony Club Grounds - 12th April 2015

What a day, you could not have asked for better weather for riding. 

Before I get started I would really like to thank our top little rider, Biancca for doing such a great job of getting my horse from the paddock to the Yinnar South Pony Club Grounds and back home again.  Thank you so much Biancca.

On entering the grounds to the Pony Club there were many cars, floats, horses and people preparing for the ride ahead.

All saddled up, instructions out of the way, we mounted and were on our way. 

We had so many hills to conquer, scenery to take in and fun to be had.  It was also great to have the sandy clay soil to ride on which was very comfortable for our trusty steeds.  Most mounts were on their best behaviour, while the odd one here and there thought they were missing out and tried having some fun as well.  Some of the horse antics stirred laughter up among the other riders, with Paula's being the one to beat all.  Riding up one of the hills, Paula's horse, Harley, decided he was going to have a pig root or two, could have been three.  I remember John jokingly saying, "hey Paula, I could see fresh air between your saddle and your butt".  Although some of the horses were playing a little, everyone was still in control, and no one fell off.  Mind you there was quite a bit of laughter though.

John was drag rider for the day and I thought maybe I could just follow up behind John, but Paula pointed out that John was the Drag Rider and that no rider is to be behind John.  Good to see the rules are working and that everyone has their finger on the pulse and is looking out for the safety of others.

Thanks to Mick for once again providing us with a scenic, fun filled ride.  The ride lasted approximately 2 hours.   The time just flew, we were already back at the Pony Club Grounds before we knew it.

Horses watered, washed down and happily munching on their hay bags, it was our time to refresh and tuck into a hearty BBQ which Mick already had sizzling away.  Don't know what happened to the coleslaw, but in the end, it doesn't it really matter.  Everyone fed and refreshed, it was time to start the second part of our day and that was helping out with the Working Bee.  Thank you to everyone that helped, and as we all  know, many hands make light work.  It was great to hear the chit chat as everyone went about doing their bit to help with the working bee.

Can't wait till our next adventure.....

Di Marcus



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