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ATHRA Board Nominations 2018

Message to ATHRA Members

RE: ATHRA Board Nominations 2018

In accordance with the Voting Information and Regulations for Board Elections notification to members 1 March 2018 and the stated rules of the Association: 

All nominations for membership of the Executive Board are to be in writing and in the hands of the Registrar fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

 Rule 20.4 – All candidates will be required to indicate in writing their ability to meet the skills, tasks and time required to for the applied position as defined by the Association’s Position Statements. All prospective candidates will be required to complete the ‘Executive Board’s Position Statement Nomination Form*

 Rule 20.5 – Candidates application forms will be posted on ATHRA’s website at least 7 days immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting

Four nominations for the ATHRA Board have been received. Completed Executive Board Position Statements and Nomination Forms are now available for download from the website.

 The nominees are:

 Director 2. Secretary- Claire Bourke                    

2018 Nomination Director 2. Secretary- Claire Bourke

Director 2. Secretary- Errin Whittingham             

2018 Nomination Director 2. Secretary- Errin Whittingham

Director 4. Access- Anna Sheehan                      

2018 Nomination Director 4. Access- Anna Sheehan

Director 5. Training & Technical- Lloyd Fletcher   

2018 Nomination Director 5. Training & Technical- Lloyd Fletcher

Election of new Board Members will take place at the ATHRA Annual General Meeting on Saturday 14 April 2018.