A range of ladies' and men's shirts with the ATHRA logo can be purchased direct from RB Sellars.  Download the order form here -
pdf IMS-F-034 RB Sellars Shirt Order Form V20160731 (700 KB)

pdf IMS-F-040 RB Sellars Seasonal Stock Order Form V20160731 (678 KB)

pdf IMS-F-041 RB Sellars Workshirt Colour and Style Chart V20160731 (589 KB)

Round (306mm diameter) 'float' stickers in a range of colours are available for purchase by clubs.  Log in to your club page and click here -
IMS-F-033 ATHRA Sticker Order Form V20150830

ATHRA Buckle
NEW ATHRA Belt Buckle. The buckle has small coloured stones either side of the buckle available in Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise and Purple.
Download the form here - IMS-F-035 ATHRA Belt Buckle Order Form V20160309 

ATHRA Saddle Pad

NEW ATHRA Saddle Pad available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.
Download the form here - IMS-F-036 ATHRA Saddle Pad Order Form V20160318

ATHRA Merchandise Order form for all other orders other than the above just click on the link.
document IMS-F-038 ATHRA Merchandise Order Form V20160607

(41 KB)
ATHRA Rescue Swag Order Form available for download. Just click on the link.
IMS-F-039 ATHRA Rescue Swag Order Form V20160731