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ATHRA Shirt – this shirt is a new design, comfortable to wear and looks fantastic

Available in Women’s 8-22 or Men’s S – XXL   If we don’t have your size we can order it.


ATHRA Belt Buckle. The buckle has small coloured stones either side of the buckle available in Red and Purple.

Saddle Pad 2019

ATHRA Saddle Pad available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Polo cap

Ladies and Mens Navy Polo shirts

Sleeveless vest

ATHRA Sleeveless Vest – Soft padded cotton

Softshell jacket

Spring Jacket – softshell jacket with zip pockets

Winter Jacket

ATHRA Winter Jacket – Warm winter rain proof riding jacket

Patch Logo

Embroidered ATHRA Badge


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This flowchart describes the steps to be taken for clubs to report a serious incident and if necessary initiate an insurance claim.  The flow chart can also be viewed and downloaded by clicking on IMS-GU-014 Insurance Claim Procedure V20190202.

Use the IMS-F-012 Incident Report V20191202 form to record details of the incident.

Contact details for the relevant Regional Manager and ATHRA’s Insurance Co-ordinator can be found on this website at Home > Contact Us – Directors & Position Holders.

Insurance IMS GU 14


ATHRA's horse biosecurity Policy statement covering the responsible parties, risk mitigation planning, horse vaccination and communication - click on this link  pdf IMS-P-009 Horse Biosecurity V20140630 (239 KB) .

A Guideline document which provides an awareness level guide to preparing you and your club for emergency disease outbreak is also available - click on this link pdf IMS-GU-033 Horse Biosecurity V20140630 (496 KB) .

A Horse Health Declaration that maybe required by showgrounds and arenas for horse events. Click on this link  pdf IMS-F-037 Biosecurity Horse Health Declaration V20160630 (193 KB)

Information for Queensland Clubs and Members.

QLD has specific biosecurity laws relating to the movement of all livestock within the state. Queensland ATHRA Members, clubs, and event organisers etc, have numerous obligations at law when they move a horse from one location to another, including taking a horse for a ride down the road within their state.  As such all members and particularly organisers of horse events are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture & Fisheries website. 
Click on the links below for more information.

Bio Security Act:

Cattle Ticks:

Movement Records:

Travelling Interstate:

PIC’s and RBE’s


If your club is interested in hosting an accreditation weekend, please contact your Regional Manager; contact details can be found in the Home tab.

The Accreditation training team consists of: Pam Lamshed (NSW) and Bob Meuleners (QLD).  One of these trainers will be assigned to your weekend.

Thank you and congratulations to those ATHRA members and clubs who have put in the time and effort to further enhance the safety, welfare and enjoyment of horses and riders during ATHRA affiliated events.  

Visit the Accreditation Register area for up to date listings of validated members.

Wagga AccreditationATHRA recognises that even though it is a national association of volunteers, there is a definite need for uniformity of process and rules when conducting a Trail Ride.

The Association also acknowledges its duty of care and with this in mind it jointly developed with its insurance partners Affinity Insurance Brokers an members' accreditation programme based on ATHRA's Code of Conduct.

The accreditation program is internal to ATHRA and is self managed.

Currently there are three recognised accredited positions: Trail Boss, Ride Cowra AccreditationCoordinator and Ride Steward.  Each position holds clearly defined responsibilities and elements.

The following information has been developed to assist clubs and their members in understanding ATHRA Accreditation process:

Participation in ATHRA's Accreditation program is not a daunting process and the aim is to educate individuals and to focus on risk management and safety for all.

  • All participants are taken through a training curriculum that addresses the inherent risks associated with Trail Riding and how to effectively manage them.  The Code of Conduct is used extensively as a reference source.

  • All participants who are actively involved throughout the duration of the course will receive certification as either a Trail Boss, Ride Coordinator or Ride Steward.

  • In order to obtain the Trail Boss certificate the following practical exercises must be undertaken and passed -

    • Ride and control a horse at a walk, trot and canter,
    • Open and close a gate either mounted or dismounted,
    • Mount and dismount a horse unassisted,
    • Lead a horse whilst mounted,
    • Lead a horse from the ground,
    • Correct and functional fit of tack and or equipment, and
    • Actively participate mounted in a simulated Trail Ride.

  • ATHRA strongly recommends that those seeking full Trail Boss certification bring a horse that is suitable for the practical components. A badly behaved or uncontrollable horse may affect your ability to pass aspects of the practical test.

  • Participants who do not pass all components of the practical assessments are not eligible for the Trail Boss classification, however they will still be eligible for Ride Coordinator and Ride Steward certification.

Clubs should ensure that members who are nominated to attend the accreditation course are aware of these criteria and are capable of managing the practical components.

Important information for accreditation course participants can be found in the  pdf IMS-GU-041 Accreditation Course Outline V20180207 (223 KB)

Additional information can be obtained from the Club's Regional Manager.

View video at


ATHRA strives to provide to its affiliated clubs and individual members the best possible coverage it can at the best possible price.

Our 2019 insurance policies again covers Association Liability and Professional Indemnity, General Liability as well as Personal Accident insurance.

During 2019, we will continue to work closely with our business partner Affinity Insurance Brokers to offer our members additional insurance coverage should you so choose.  Click on IMS-GU-003 Insurance Summary V20190131 for a summary of ATHRA's insurance cover for 2019.


Click on IMS-F-006 Risk Warning and Waiver V20190127 for the Risk Warning and Waiver Form.

The current ATHRA membership fees are:

Adult  A riding member of an ATHRA club, 18 years to 79 years of age $100
Junior  A riding member of an ATHRA club, from 5 years of age to 17 Years of age    $40
Child  A riding member of an ATHRA club, under 5 years of age      $20
Senior  A riding member of an ATHRA club, 80 years of age and over    $60
Social  A non-riding member of an ATHRA club      $30

Each club will have their own club fee component to be added to the ATHRA fee at time of online registration if the club has a PayPal account or to be paid separately to the club as advised at time of registration. Please contact the club directly if requiring further information on their fees. Or find your club contact details from the ATHRA club page.

 This area of online membership is for existing or past members of an ATHRA club. If you do not know your membership number, please contact your club secretary or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once renewed please print or copy your membership details which will be emailed to you at the completion of registration for future reference.

PROCEED to Membership Login and Renewal


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