Big Sky Trailblazers

Big Sky Trailblazers

Big Sky Trailblazers

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Name: Big Sky Trailblazers

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  • Description

    The Big Sky Trailblazers is a group of riders from the Gunnedah and Tamworth area in NW NSW who ride together on the second Sunday of each month and sometimes extend the ride to be a two day ride over a weekend. We are a walk,trot and canter club and kids are welcome. Our rides average around 25 riders and we sometimes have a BBQ lunch as well. We often ride pretty steep areas somewhere along each ride, so bring your brave face along and have some fun; a little challenge feels great, and the horses seem to get into the spirit of things and have fun as well.

  • History

    Located near Gunnedah, the Big Sky Trail Blazers is a fun, active club. We have been holding rides on the plains and in the mountains since 2006 and having a great time, even earning our nickname of the Blue Bums after lots of hours in the saddle!

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    New South Wales
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    Big Sky Trailblazers
  • Current Executives

    President:  Greg Donovan

    Vice President:  Joe Rennick and John Mason

    Secretary: Michael McBride

    Treasurer: Merryl Rennick

    All communication to  please

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    Gail Paddison

    Club Address: 2700 Wandobah Road, Curlewis, NSW, 2381