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This is a closed club. You will have to be a member of this club to view the club's content.

Nag Nag Nag (Hills & Hawkesbury)Trail Riding Club...

Nag Nag Nag (Hills & Hawkesbury)Trail Riding Club Incorporated

Nag Nag Nag (Hills & Hawkesbury)Trail Riding Club...

A slow paced group riding in and around the Hawkesbury and Hills districts of NSW

Club information
Name: Nag Nag Nag (Hills & Hawkesbury)Trail Riding Club Incorporated (Private)
  • Description

    As our motto says ...
    "Get your butt in the saddle and ride"

    Come and join our friendly club if you love riding, being outdoors and meeting new people.

    We have riders who are young and young at heart.
    We are in no hurry to get to where we're going as long as we all arrive safe and happy.
    We have no need for speed and would rather take in the sights and enjoy each others company.

    We arrange a variety of rides from easy to a bit more challenging with water crossings hills etc

    We try to ride at least monthly, usually the second Sunday of the month.

    The 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm is our committee meeting held at the Vineyard Hotel, members are encouraged to come and new members are always welcome...

    Contact us for more details

    New members are required to attend at least one (1) ride with us before membership with our club can be accepted and/or approved.


    Membership form

    Waiver form

    Nag Nag Nag bank details are

    BSB - 112-879
    Account - 414 207 600

    New adult membership $120.00
    Adult renewal $100.00

  • History

    Originally formed in 2006 and based in the Hawkesbury Valley (one hour west of Sydney) NagNagNag Trail Riding is predominantly a "Walking Club". Rides are held once a month.

  • Category
    New South Wales
  • Club Admin
    NagNagNag Trail Riding Inc
  • Current Executives

    President:  Deborah Webb

    Treasurer:  Jenny McClean

    Secretary: Linda Hanlon

    Membership: Jenny McClean

    Other Committee Members: , Lynne Livingstone (Public Officer & Newsletter)

    Colleen Carrington, Glenn Johnson (Associate), Ron Miller (Associate)

  • Contact Details
    President:  Deborah Webb
    Mobile: 0425 201 662
    Club Bank Details
    Nag Nag Nag trail riding Incorporated
    BSB - 112-879
    Account - 414 207 600

    Club Address: PO Box 3196, Mt Druitt Village, NSW, 2770

History Full
None known at this time