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OReilley's Hill JUMBUCK



What a fantastic day for our first spring ride, everyone arrived early at the Jumbuck Hall, and we headed off at 10am with Dean as our lead rider, and six riders in total.  Heading off up OReillly’s Hill Rd, we had some magnificent views down over farming land to the Latrobe Valley, and across over to Mt Tassie.  On the way Dean pointed out a sun baking Tiger Snake on the side of the road.

Then Dean lead us down Bolger’s Rd into logging country, most of the ride was on easy undulating ground, with one step up hill climbing up a track, my 81 year old mother was a little nervous on her pony.  But with a little mane in one hand and leaning forward the pony went straight up with ease.

We road through patches of flowering daffodils, and past the remains of an old well, all that is left of the old farm that was once there.  What an amazing place to have lived.  We had views to the south over the Strzelecki Ranges, with the Mountains at Wilsons Promontory visible on the beautiful clear blue sky day.

Then 2 hrs into our ride winding our way around the mountain through the dapple shade of the trees and ferns, with all the horses and riders very relaxed and chatting away, the two front horses freaked out, dislodging their riders, which in turn made all the other horses freak and turn to bolt for home.  We quickly pulled up our horses but unfortunately the two loose horses had bolted off for home.  The two fallen riders were fine, but a little shaken and a little bruised.  It was just two small loose dogs that had come around the corner wagging their tails and looking very happy, shortly followed by their owners on three ponies.  They were very sorry and apologetic.  It all ended well with Di and the owner of the dogs catching up with the loose horses, and Dean was able to call his wife who came in her 4WD and took the two riders back up to their horses, as Di pointed out it is always best to keep your phone on you and not in your saddle bag!  With all the riders remounted we headed back up towards Jumbuck Rd and back around to the Jumbuck Hall, where Jill was waiting for us with the B.B.Q. at the ready and some lovely chocolate brownie for afternoon tea.  Thanks Jill. What a perfect way to finish a beautiful day’s ride.






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