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NOOJEE RIDE 26-10-2014

Noojee Ride Report

On Sunday the 26th of November the Club headed off to Noojee for a much anticipated ride amongst the tall gums that surround the little township.

After leaving bright and early, with a couple of coffee stops on the way, we arrived at Ralph Cornwall Park. Slowly but surely riders with their mounts in tow rolled into the park ready for the ride ahead. With the clear flowing river rolling past nearby and the gentle sway of the huge gum trees above, it was even more impressive than I had imagined. Apparently the trout farm had released fish down the free flowing river that day. It was so peaceful down there that I think I could have even enjoyed a spot of fishing! I could see why some members had stayed at the Outpost Retreat the night before. A must next time we visit!

With the mounts saddled, we realized that our lead riders had not yet arrived.... A quick text from our quick thinking trail boss found that they weren't far away. Lucky because we were lost without even leaving the park! Grant and Kate, our lead riders ensured that we had a briefing of the upcoming adventure. We were warned that we would climb a huge hill at the beginning of the ride which would take the beans out of the more feisty steeds. Grant also suggested that we needed breastplates to keep our saddles in place during the ride.. Mmmm... I was starting to question how big these hills were!

After all 7 riders climbed aboard of their trusty steeds, we headed off up to the bush that hovered above the meeting place. It wasn't long before we started climbing.. and climbing... and climbing the hill described in the briefing. I think all the riders would agree it wasn't difficult but definitely took some of the sting out of the horses.

With a few new faces on the ride, there were a few stops to make sure that everybody was feeling comfortable with the ride. Thanks Grant and Kate, this is reassuring when riding in a group situation. Our lovely hosts also gave us options of different tracks to take and detours to extend our ride. I think it become clear that the group wasn't in a hurry to get back to the cars.

Grant and Kate were kind enough to point out some history on the area which gave us much more insight to where we were riding. We seemed to cover so much country in such a short time! I think it was because we were completely lost after the first turn taken at the start of the ride.

After the initial hill climb we had a chance for a short trot and then remained in a walk for the rest of the ride. There were a few obstacles but we all managed to safely divert around them... Even the snake that we rudely awoke. Throughout the ride, there was lots of chatter and laughing which made it obvious that everybody seemed comfortable.

Winding around towards home, we looked forward to a refreshing drinks and some lunch at the Outpost Retreat. Personally I don't think I have ever unsaddled so quickly.. We were one hungry bunch. With horses cooled down and watered, tack packed away and our wallets in hand, we headed over the the Outpost to enjoy a friendly chat over lunch. Husbands and children joined us which made it more of a family friendly ride. It was a nice way to end an already exceptional ride.

Many thanks to Grant and Kate for leading the ride. It exceeded all expectations!! I think you will have a few of us returning in the future for more rides around your beautiful countryside. Also thanks to Di Sharman for getting everything together so that the club could attend this ride. And lastly, Rod.. Thanks for holding all the car keys while we were out. It meant there were no lost keys which from what I've heard, saved our husbands coming out to save us (Emma! Lol!)



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