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Wombat Crossing - Valencia Creek - Ride Report 15th September 2013

Hi to all the Gals & Guys (Fillies & Colts)


Wombat Crossing, Wombat Road, Valencia Creek


Saturday 14th


What a beautiful day.  A group of us met up early to get to Wombat Crossing at a decent hour. Planned departure was scheduled for approximately 10.00 a.m. I receive a phone call - ”could I borrow your spare float”-  “no problems” “ my tail gate just hit the deck”. (plain English with no hinges okay)

On arrival to pick up the spare float we decided to load up the rest of the horses on my property and guess what two of my horses decided that they weren’t going onto the float that they have travelled in for the past 12 months. The saying goes many hands make light work. (Paula’s nags) Thanks again for your help everybody. We took off from our property at approximately 11.00 am.

One of the floats didn’t have any lights until an adaptor was purchased and this was eventually done at Heyfield. Yeah Heyfield!  Heyfield is when the BBQ man realized that he forgotten the BBQ that was packed in the float that he left behind.  Thank goodness they purchased a plate to cook on over the fire. The remainder  of the drive to Wombat Crossing was lovely, not to fast or stressful and just how I like it. We arrived at our destination.  It blew the socks of this little filly, it was gorgeous. We were surrounded by plenty of trees for shelter and shade and there was an area to rope off and keep our precious 4 legged pets safe. We set up camp, helping each other out.

We didn’t need to worry about water because I thought I had 70 litres of this stuff in water tanks on my float, however it turns out I only had about 35 litres and the kids dropped a bucket of water oops !!!  The farrier Glen came around to shoe some of our horses, well all of them actually. Glen overheard me talking about getting some water from the creek and gave us 25 litres to tie the horses over until the morning which he also proceeded to bring more in the morning for us campers. Thanks Glen – very much appreciated.

We had a lovely fire going for the night and used the new BBQ plate. There was no washing up due to lack of water. (Great) Some horses were put onto a night line - only the ones that kept on going under our non electrified tape.

Good conversations between all of us and a few good stories and the kids were well behaved, even the big ones.  Plenty of lollies, and chippies flowed but unfortunately someone forgot the marshmallows

Sunday 15th

What a fantastic turn out, 18 Riders on their trusty steeds, some of which were friends of Glen. We had people from Sale, Stratford, Driffield, Yallourn Heights, Boolarra, and Moe.

We were looking at a beautiful day not much wind not to hot it was just gorgeous.  Glen was Lead Rider, Mick rode Drag, Di Trail Boss/First Aid and Erin First Aid for the day.

After our pre ride formalities, we all headed off, up and down the roads a little bit, then into the bush and scrub.  The higher we climbed the more spectacular the views and the breeze was welcoming, softly blowing into your face. The horses at this stage also were a little bit sweaty and panting.

Looking around this valley was just a site you need to see and experience for yourself.

Both horses and riders had a spell for about 10 to 15 minutes then we were off again. The next bit of territory was a bit different as this area had the fires go through it.  It was very interesting to see all of the new flowers that came up after the fires (as a lot of people don’t realize that after a fire the regeneration that happens is interesting – some plants don’t flower until they are fire or smoke affected). Also it felt very strange looking at black trees with all of these lovely green shoots coming out of them. The terrain of this area would have been very hard on the horses’ hooves without shoes.  By now 99% of our 4 legged friends were sweating very well even at just a walk.  I heard a lot of horseman/horsewomen talking to their horses and it was lovely to hear.

Weekends such as this would not be possible without the continued support of the Boolarra & District Horse & Trail Riding Club Committee, team players and of course the parents (otherwise known as chefs, chauffeurs, grooms, pooper scoopers etc, the list is endless) .


                       Give me a camp among the gum trees

                       With lots of fun please,

                       A horse or two, a kangaroo,

                       A barbie out the back

                       The esky out the front

                       And the old camping chair.








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