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King's Road Ride 25th August 2013

Guys & Gals (Colts & Fillies)

Our ride took off from Mick’s place at approximately 10.00 a.m.  Weather conditions were just lovely, no rain, bit of sun and occasionally windy.

Lead Rider today was Kevin (riding his horse Phil) or Careful Kev shall we put it.  There were young riders and some old ones (excluding myself as I may say middle age).

We cruised along the edge of Strzelecki Highway then crossed over into unexplored land (pine plantation) on the right hand side of the Strzelecki Highway.  This is where our adventure started into the Never Never Land. Knowing where you are going just takes all the fun out of the ride.

Cruising down a dirt road approximately 1 km and turned into the mystery forest, going over a few logs, around trees and saplings (flip up trees) these can be nasty little buggers.  Its fine on a 15 or 16 hand horse but mine is only 13.2 hands high. Up and down a few hills then the creek crossing.

Di went first to case out the situation, telling everybody “creeks not too deep”, which it wasn’t, “keep to the side, don’t cross the middle, and to watch the tree”.  Di arrived safely on the other side, then Biancca – good arrival.  Then Erin – well OOPS too close to the tree because Bundy didn’t want any water on his hooves, then SPLAT!!  Erin was doing water bombs.  Bundy (horse) crossed safely while Erin was all wet and muddy.  Now it was Careful Kev’s turn – same as Erin’s horse Bundy, Phil doesn’t want his hooves wet either.  Careful Kev & Phil (horse) too close to the tree, but Careful Kev’s quick thinking, doesn’t do a water bomb, he latches onto the tree and is swinging like a monkey and drops carefully onto both feet.  On Yah Kev!!!  Then its Mick’s turn to cross, he nearly comes off as well as he is too busy laughing at Kev & Erin. Once we all finished laughing and everyone was ok, and back in the saddle again, we headed off into more unexplored territory.

Our ride was very eventful and full of laughter as we all arrived safely back at Mick’s place all well and unscathed and full of stories of our Water Bomber Erin, (nothing the washing machine won’t clean) and Careful Kev.

I would like to thank our lovely camp cook Brian.  Brian cooked our meal to perfection.  Thanks Brian.


Can’t wait until the next adventurous mystery ride.




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