Biosecurity Policy and Guidelines

ATHRA's horse biosecurity Policy statement covering the responsible parties, risk mitigation planning, horse vaccination and communication - click on this link  pdf IMS-P-009 Horse Biosecurity V20140630 (239 KB) .

A Guideline document which provides an awareness level guide to preparing you and your club for emergency disease outbreak is also available - click on this link pdf IMS-GU-033 Horse Biosecurity V20140630 (496 KB) .

A Horse Health Declaration that maybe required by showgrounds and arenas for horse events. Click on this link  pdf IMS-F-037 Biosecurity Horse Health Declaration V20160630 (193 KB)

Information for Queensland Clubs and Members.

QLD has specific biosecurity laws relating to the movement of all livestock within the state. Queensland ATHRA Members, clubs, and event organisers etc, have numerous obligations at law when they move a horse from one location to another, including taking a horse for a ride down the road within their state.  As such all members and particularly organisers of horse events are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture & Fisheries website. 
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Bio Security Act:

Cattle Ticks:

Movement Records:

Travelling Interstate:

PIC’s and RBE’s